Browning Boss Black Frame Gray Lens CR39 Sunglasses

Browning Boss Black Frame Gray Lens CR39 Sunglasses
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Product Description

This for a pair of very high quality Browning Boss sunglasses - black frame/gray lens.

CR-39 2.0 Polarized Lens with Anti-scratch Technology - CR-39 is a special polymer developed for use in eyeglasses. It is estimated that in the U.S. today, over 90% of all eyeglasses use plastic lenses. CR-39 makes excellent polarized lenses and has a cost and weight advantage over glass with superior impact resistance while still maintaining an extremely clear lens. The Browning CR-39 polarized lens uses a harden polymer which makes the lens scratch resistant. CR-39 polarized lenses are standard in all our Elite Series.

In fact, CR 39 lens got its name from the 39th formulation that passed Columbia Resin's (CR) test to make aircraft windshields 50 times more impact resistant than traditional windshield glass, so this shows how high quality the lens is.

All of our Elite Series Glasses come standard with a 2.0 CR-39 Polarized lens with Anti-Scratch coating technology.

Elite Series Frames The Browning Eyewear Elite Series of Sunglass uses a “military grade” polymer known as TR-90, which not only looks great, but is a very lightweight, highly flexible frame that allows for great durability and comfort. Each frame also has the highest of quality hinges to withstand the punishment of an active outdoor lifestyle.

Comes with hard side carrying case. We also carry the must-have visor clip!

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