Huk Fishing Freshwater Camo Floor Mats

Huk Fishing Freshwater Camo Floor Mats
Item# huk-freshwater-mat

Product Description

Kryptek Freshwater camo and Huk take you from prey to predator, embodying the patient stealth of a shadowy figure lurking in the depths.

- Premium Materials deliver more bang in the design of this durable camo floor mat. This durable Kryptek camo fabric is as rugged as microfiber comes, providing both durability AND fish style for any duration of road time.

- Trim-to-Fit design is built to bait, making this a close to custom fit floor mat with low-profile channels running through the most common problem areas, allowing you to fit and trim the camo floor mat to almost any size of vehicle. One of the must have camo auto accessories out there!

- Channel Guard feature is designed to provide optimum protection from damage by trapping water and dirt in the raised channels running along the edge of the camo rubber floor mats. This makes our camo floors mats easy to clean and maintain so you can always have a clear view of the Kryptek camo.

- Flex Tread backing provides our camo floor mats with a high level of traction so they will stay put where you place them. These floor mats are also thin and flexible as to stay out of the way of accelerator and brake pedals and ensure your safety.

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